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Bass Fishing Throughout History

Bass fishing in the United States has a rather interesting history – instead of being influenced or derived from the European sport, US bass fishing has developed mainly on its own. In fact, Europeans – especially the British sea bass fishermen – have actually adapted many US freshwater fishing techniques to improve their own performance. […]

Fishing Rods and Reels and Fishing Lines

If you are fan of fishing then you will know just what makes it so addictive – it’s the ability to constantly get better and to get more efficient at your game, and to get the impressive reward of bigger and bigger fish that you can show off to your fishing buddies and that will […]

Tackle Selection for Trout Fishing

Modern day trout fishermen have a wealth of fishing tackle to choose from, and much of it thoroughly adaptable to any situation in trout fishing. Spinning and fly fishing equipment seem to be the most popular. Everyone has a different idea as to which bait or method is the best for catching trout. Anything that […]

Five Things One Needs For Deep Sea Fishing

The best way to learn fishing in a deep sea is by serving an apprenticeship under experienced anglers. Most of the best anglers today have leant the tricks of this trade in this time-tested manner. However, if you cannot find an experienced person, you can still learn the basics of catching fish from the salty […]

Fishing For Bass and Other Fish in Freshwater

Wherever you have lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and creeks you will probably find a lot of freshwater fish. Whether it is in your area or further away, its well worth a trip to experience first hand the excitement and fun of freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishing has several things to consider. Beyond what equipment and bait […]

Saltwater Fishing or Freshwater Fishing?

First go to the-Mart. You know the one. Go to the sporting goods department and get a fishing license either freshwater or saltwater which ever you prefer. Then just walk around the fishing department for about an hour, and gather what you’ll need. For freshwater fishing you need light weight lines, rods, reels, and sinkers. […]

Choosing Lures For Saltwater Fishing

The choice on which lure to use for saltwater fishing depends on a number of factors. These factors include past experiences as well as advice given by fellow fishing enthusiasts and professionals in this field. There is a great impact on the type of jerk bait lure chosen on the overall success of a fishing […]

Hooking the Right Fishing Rods and Reels

Fishing rods and reels can literally break or make one’s fishing trip. With a wide range of fishing rods and reels from various manufacturers, with different spinning reels and designs, it is essential to select the most suitable kind of fishing reels. The right fishing reels largely determine the smoothness of the casting and how […]