Fishing For Bass and Other Fish in Freshwater

Wherever you have lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and creeks you will probably find a lot of freshwater fish. Whether it is in your area or further away, its well worth a trip to experience first hand the excitement and fun of freshwater fishing.

Freshwater fishing has several things to consider. Beyond what equipment and bait you may choose, freshwater fishing brings to the table specific kinds of fish, requires certain kinds of boats and styles of the act of fishing itself.

Freshwater Fish

Lakes and rivers have a lot of different kinds of freshwater fish. This is due to the fact that several species can exist in just one area because fish live in varying water temperatures. For example, fishing along the shoreline will have different types of fish because the temperature is typically warmer then the deeper parts of the lake. The deeper the water, the colder the temperature will likely be. By doing a bit of research on the particular fish living in the fresh body of water that you have selected, you will get a good idea of what kind of fish you can expect to catch.

Another aspect to think about is that freshwater fishing is done differently then saltwater fishing. Good fishing guides can be found on our site about saltwater fishing.

Boats for Freshwater Fishing

Boats made for freshwater are made of different materials and are operated in another fashion as well. They also are usually smaller than saltwater fishing boats and have special engines designed for use in freshwater and for trolling along a shoreline.

Boating regulations for fresh bodies of water are important to know before you enter the water as well. You should also need to find out about licenses and fishing seasons that will determine when and where you can place your hook in the water. This does not mean that you cannot fish anytime of the year, it simply means that you may have to pick another type of fish to catch in a particular season.

Fishing licenses are often sold at bait shops or the store where you buy your fishing rod and other fishing equipment.

Fishing in Freshwater

Some of the most popular types of fishing in freshwater includes fishing for bass and salmon, as well as fly fishing. Before attempting these, it’s a good idea to learn how to control your casting rod, and learn about lures, flies and bait that attract the attention of the fish to your hook among other things. By learning the basics you will be well on your way to landing your prized fish.