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Trout Fishing Tackle – How to Use PowerBait

Trout Fishing Tackle – How to Use PowerBait

What is PowerBait and why would you add this to your trout fishing tackle? This is the attractant a fisherman will use on his line. It comes in little jars and an array of colors. Both the scent and color are what attract the trout to a hook and line. PowerBait is great for the beginning fisherman. It gives the angler a better chance of getting a bite over other kind of lures. Combining a light line and right bait will go a long ways in having a successful day. Use a six pound line or lighter for this kind of bait.

PowerBait is the Perfect Trout Fishing Tackle for the Lake

PowerBait works best when it is not hugging the bottom of a lake or river. With a light line, it is easy to get it snagged on vegetation and other underwater obstructions. Make sure the bait being used will float. Using PowerBait for more than one kind of environment is OK, yet it works best when fishing a lake. The bait works great in water that is not moving. It is ideal for the fisherman who likes to throw out a line and wait for the trout to come to the hook. It is very different from fly fishing or the techniques where the fisherman works a stream.

PowerBait is best use with a backcast. Since the line being used is light, adding a light weight will get the bait far enough away from the shore or boat. Do not try to cast to close to yourself or others. Trout will not come close to any environment that seems dangerous to them. Even a small shadow will scare the trout away. Loud noise, talking and music will also make it hard to catch a trout. Use earplugs when fishing with music.

Steps to Using Trout Fishing PowerBait

These are the steps to using PowerBait properly. Apply a very light weight usually an egg size sinker is enough. The next step is to tie a size 10 barrel swivel to the line. Finally use pre-tied gang hooks to the line. Buy Pre-tied gang hooks at any sporting goods store or you can make them yourself. Finally add PowerBait to each hook. Cover the metal completely. Now it is time to cast the line out into the lake. Use a good even backcast to get the line far enough away from any activity that might scare the trout away. Reel the line in just enough to make it taut. You will feel a jerk on the rod when a trout takes the bait. Reel in the trout slowly. Any sudden movements like jerking back on the rod or reeling the trout in too fast will snap the line.

There you have it. You are now a PowerBait expert. Use this method for fishing still or very slow-moving water. PowerBait is sticky, but will not hold on a line where there is rapidly moving water. Give this method a try the next time you are heading to a lake.

Trout Fishing Tackle – How to Use PowerBait
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