Virginia Saltwater Fishing – How to Catch Saltwater Fish in Virginia

Virginia has many great places for fishing of all types. Not only do many residents of this beautiful state spend considerable time on the waters but so do many people who travel from other parts of the world to enjoy the great fishing that Virginia has to offer.

While the freshwater fishing is rampant throughout the state as well, many people come for the great saltwater fishing opportunities along the coastal regions of Virginia. Saltwater fishing in Virginia has no limits to season or weather. In fact, some of the best saltwater fishing in the Commonwealth can be done after Labor Day when the seasonal fishermen go home for the end of summer. You can find some excellent fishing in the Atlantic, off the coast of Virginia and we’re going to tell you how to do so. If you want to know how to catch saltwater fish in Virginia, here are some tips and hints to help you along your journey.

When to Fish
While Virginia has great saltwater fishing at any time of year, many hardcore anglers prefer fall fishing when the tourists have gone home and the fish are hungry. In fact, some of the largest fish in the ocean may be making their way closer to the shorelines in search of food. When the weather is cooler, many of the saltwater fish that previously lie dormant in the waters will now come out looking for food.

Be sure you are licensed to fish legally in Virginia and that you are up to date on the latest codes and regulations before heading out. There are some restrictions on the number of or size of certain fish that you catch in salt waters of Virginia so be sure you familiarize yourself with these regulations before heading out.

What to Catch
So what types of fish can you expect to catch when you go Virginia saltwater fishing? Some of the most popular, largest, prized saltwater fish you can try for in Virginia are:
Red drum
Striped bass

This is of course, not the only choices you have of fish from saltwater areas of Virginia but they are some of the most talked about and the most sought-after species among anglers in this part of the country.

Red Drum- The traditional season for red drum is May to June but they can also be found later in the fall. Due to a prohibition against keeping fish over 26 inches long, many anglers have taken to catching these large red drum with the sole intention of tossing them back in again. Many of these fish get very large, some as much as 30-50 pounds. Saltwater fish this large and strong require special equipment to help catch them and reel them in.

Cobia- Cobia is another popular fish found in the saltwaters of Virginia’s shorelines. They share many traits with red drum and are often found in the same areas. These are often caught by chumming in the waters or using fresh cut bait with an appropriately sized hook. Some anglers have also seen results using spoons for this particular species.

Source by Daniel Eggertsen